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Full Service Family Law & Divorce Lawyer In Fresno

The Law Office of Sam Salhab is a full service family law firm, counseling and advising clients engaged in matrimonial disputes. The firm represents clients with family law issues in Fresno California including divorce, child custody, child support, and visitation, spousal, dometic violence, grandparent rights, property characterization and the division of property.

Fresno Divorce Lawyer

The Law Office of Sam Salhab practices family and divorce law in Fresno California, and has the ability and experience to handle any family law matter.  Whether you need an initial consultation on a divorce case or representation involving complex financial division issues, the firm has the experience and capacity to advise you through the process. Our clients come from all levels of income and wealth backgrounds. Our firm always respects and treats our clients with the utmost care regarding their case as we understand divorce and family law issues can spill over into your immediate community and at times, into the news of the day.

The Law Office of Sam Salhab pursues multiple goals in family law related cases.  The firm works to insulate children from the process the parents are going through. We believe that this is in the best short and long-term interests of the children.

If you’re looking for a determined, aggressive attorney to represent you in court or if you’re looking for an impartial mediator to help you and your spouse reach a settlement together call the Fresno divorce attorney Sam Salhab today!

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