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Fresno Federal Defense Attorney

Many people don’t realize that crimes are tried on many different levels. Most crimes are held under the jurisdiction of the state. In some cases, however, a crime will fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Federal charges tend to have harsher punishments. It is important to hire an experienced California federal attorney who has knowledge of California and federal laws, and can attempt to have the charges brought under state law instead of federal law.


Federal crimes can involve interstate commerce, the post office, IRS, government buildings and military bases.  They include offenses such as:

  • Mail fraud
  • Tax fraud and evasion
  • Kidnapping across state lines
  • Interstate drug trafficking
  • Bank robbery
  • Welfare fraud
  • Social security fraud
  • Theft of military property
  • Organized crime
  • White collar crime
  • Weapons crimes

These types of crimes are extremely serious, and can result is very harsh penalties if there is a conviction, including lengthy prison sentences. Fresno Federal Attorney Sam Salhab has extensive experience in criminal law and is prepared to go the distance in our efforts to provide our clients with the high-quality and reliable assistance that they can trust. You need an attorney you can trust to get the best possible results in your case. Sam Salhab has earned a reputation for being among the leaders in the field of federal criminal defense. Contact us today and let us help you protect your legal rights.

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