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The "State" Of Fresno: Very Disappointing

This is an open letter to the leaders of the county and city of Fresno:

Dear Fresno City Council and Board of Supervisors:

I continue to ask why so much attention has been paid to eradication of marijuana growth in our fine community when the following has recently happened without much action from you:

– Fresno was recently voted the dirtiest placed in the nation by Forbes Magazine.  Read Here. Yes, you read right, THE DIRTIEST.

– The America Lung Association described Fresno’s air quality as the worst in the nation.  Read Here.

– Multiple car fatality accidents that resulted from a lack of proper lighting at Fresno County intersections.

While I know that punishing the citizens of Fresno who comply with State Law and legally use medical marijuana seems to be your top priority, Fresno continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Downtown remains dirty and dilapidated.  The lax enforcement of burning restrictions continues to make our polluted air worse.   People continue to die because you ignore your own constituents requests for better lighting at intersections in their communities all across the valley.  I am not sure what any of this has to do with marijuana?

And you continue to do nothing productive.  It seems you are more concerned with fining marijuana patients who dare to follow State law and use marijuana safely and medically than with improving with the average Fresno citizen’s quality of life.   You are just infatuated with this issue, while the rest of the nation as well as the Federal government are relaxing their prohibitions on Marijuana.  Denver is actually a model for why this State will most likely and probably legalize marijuana very soon: the tax revenue is great!  What will you fixate on then?

Can we please get back to cleaning up the city and making it a place that actually attracts business and tourism again?

I am not sure how any of you sleep at night.

Very Truly Yours,

Samer A. Salhab

Attorney At Law